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Beneath the Vine

“Loving you is the only way I knew how to breathe.”

WOW! Just wow! This is one of the many books that were gifted to me by the awesome ACE GRAY!! Let me tell you how GLAD I am that I was given the opportunity to NOT pass on this book! After reading the synopsis, I was debating if I really even want to read it – not my “cup of coffee,” love triangle and all. I am so glad I did because it’s just not what I thought it would be.

This story is beyond my expectations. There were so many twists and turns that got my head spinning in a very good way. Every single damn time I had my heart set on something, the author rips it away (I mean this in the best way possible). Talk about emotional tug-of-war!!

One thing for sure.. I am longing for more.. *hint hint* Lillian Bryant.

buy Beneath the Vine (Amazon) paperback

buy Beneath the Vine (Kindle)


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