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So Much More

Life blooms in second chances.

This book is genuinely real, I was able to connect to all the characters including the one that pretty much made my blood boil in nearly the entirety of this book (let’s be honest I wanted to kill the b*tch until the end), as twisted as it sounds it made the book “so much more…”

In all honesty, at first I wasn’t sure how I felt about it – but I quickly concluded that I was still on my “fantasy high,” from all the books I have been reading previously, and the So Much More is just all too real (in a very good way). This is truly a unique story and touched my heart in a very different way from what I am use to (I can’t even explain).

One book I thought I wasn’t going to add to my collection, but quickly changed into, I-need-it to be part of my top read books collection. I am looking forward to backtracking and reading more of this author’s books.

buy So Much More (Amazon) paperback

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