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Strictly Business

WHAT. THE. F*CK. I think I was warned this book was a cliffhanger, but for some reason it didn’t stay with me (damn my selective hearing), went ahead and read it and notice there were only a few pages left and the story didn’t seem to quite end yet; got to the true last page (still in denial, so what if the paragraph ended halfway through the page – there’s still a page or two to flip through before I hit the back cover). I was determined that there’s an epilogue waiting for me. Nope. Got slap with blank pages instead!!

The story started off a little slow for me, but realizing how strong Kate was when compared to Nick’s character was worth giving it a chance (yes, I am calling him Nick -you bookwhores out there can call him Nicholas; and that is me showing my generosity already and if you cannot appreciate that, feel free to refer to him as Mr. Bryant ONLY). : P

…sorry, lost my train of thought there for a second.. Not that many books in this genre portray the female character as successful as the alpha male characters are, in which made it all worth it that I stuck to it. I truly can appreciate how strong of a character Kate is but there were times that I wanted to throat-punch her for her inability to control her damn temper. It’s almost funny; I see a lot of myself in Kate. As headstrong as she is, Nick can bring her down to her knees (literally & figuratively)! As for Nick… at first, I wasn’t sure I could end up loving him (yes love him, cause this is my world now… remember?) He was too demanding, too controlling without as much as a reason behind it. A little suffocating was what he made me feel… BUT you guessed it. He cracked me… hence… he is Nick and not Nicholas!! He is starting to make me feel like there’s a chance for us… (Ahem… I meant, Kate).

Looking forward to Bad for Business!!

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