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This is my first read by Adriana Locke and I am totally hooked! I need time to backtrack and read all her previous books!

This book right here, SWAYed right into my heart! It’s a quick-light read that was a perfect combination of the TV series Scandal and Emma Chase’s novels that I completely adore. Don’t get confused when I say “quick-light,” the characters are FULLY developed (pun intended).

Speak as you find.

Don’t be thrown off thinking it’s a political jargon book, NOT AT ALL. It was about life’s choices, ones values, beliefs and how much you are willing to stand by what you believe in and the people that mean most to you.

I’ve been thinking about you since I met you, and you’ve given me a reprieve from my life without even trying.

Barrett Landry: a hot, wealthy, powerful politician who has gorgeous disposable women at his feet… until he met Alison.

Apparently you want someone that will bend to your will, jump, and fuck when you say so. And if that’s what you want, try the girl in the red dress from last night, but it isn’t going to be me.

Alison Baker:  a single mother sole’s purpose is her son and rebuilding her life; vowed to herself she will not make the same mistake again.

They met at a fundraiser where Alison was working as a server and Barrett swooped in to save Alison from her as*hole of a boss. Call me easy, but I already voted for Landry this very moment.

Not to mention the other characters in this book are making me piss-in-my-pants excited to meet them individually. Hurry, grab some grapes (you’ll thank me) and order SWAY on release day, May 16th (Landry Family Series #1), you DO NOT want to fall behind on this new sexy series!

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