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A Field Guide to Catching Crickets

Pre-Order A Field Guide to Catching Crickets (Amazon)

Amazon is currently banning this book to be release on its expected date of June 7th due to the emotional triggers and graphic contents of the story. With that being said, what does my rebellious nature want to do more than read it immediately?! The ban just tripled the story’s appeal to me.

First off, let’s get this clear – A Field Guide to Catching Crickets is a fictional story. After reading it, I get that it can be offensive to some readers due to the extreme unpleasantness of events that happened. I, on the hand, because of the emotions that were evoked within me through the way it was written was what I deem as great writing.

I could kiss you for a thousand days then pray there would be a thousand more. You’re the reason for the skip in my heart.

The story of Hawke and Sloan (the name alone makes my heart skip a beat); a story of first love, of redemption and second chances. My heart was constricted with raw intensity of the kind of love Hawke had for Sloan; even through the pain she continuously put him through because she held on to the belief that was her lone reason to not lose her only hope for a future. Yup, there were times I wanted to slap a b*tch!

It’s as though we were broken apart in some other lifetime then found each other and became whole again in this one.

Instead of finding it offensive, this story made me think of the choices we all make in life, the ones we made believing it’s the only way, the ones we made out of fear or even out of love and because of those choices the consequences can be life altering/earth shattering.

The fault I found in it for me personally is Sloan’s parents. I just felt that they should have been more involved at an earlier time and may have prevented so many things… then again, it goes back to the choices we make believing at the time it’s the only recourse.

All in all, this is one book after reading that I found myself sitting back so I can take a breath and absorb. I guess I was exhausted from trying to uncover their secrets, and each time I think I may have figured it out I ended up shocked to the core! One thing for sure, I fell in love with Hawke the moment he pissed on Sloan when they were kids – DO NOT judge me!  😉



Welcome and enter at your own risk – I type wearing my emotions on my fingertips, so at times it may be inappropriate and offensive to the sensitive souls out there.. consider yourself warned! Please bear with me, if my site keeps changing on you.. I am still in the process of getting it up and running just perfectly for me (which means easier navigation for you). :) One book, one world, one life at a time…

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