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Wasted Words

Published May 19th, 2016

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Stacy Hart did a brilliant job with Wasted Words! Let’s just say I am still getting off my high on this one! Talking about word play – I was totally wasted (still a little drunk on it, actually)! It was the cutest read ever!! It kept me smiling the whole time as I am rushing to flip through the pages to get MORE! I cannot get enough of Staci’s writing; I fell in love with her words, the way she spun it.. just LOVE it!

Question of the century: Does opposites really attract or does it defy the laws of nature?

“She was real and good and true, and she wanted me. I felt more safe with her than any woman I’d ever been with.”

Tyler Knight: six-foot-six ex tight end (in more ways than one)! If you are looking for an alpha-male, you are not looking in the right place. Tyler is the most patient, understanding, sincere character that I could remember! As much as I love my alpha-males, Tyler pretty much popped my cherry on it’s not all about control that makes my panties wet… I meant making my heart skip a beat.

If ever a boy could get a girl knocked up from across the room, it was Tyler Knight.

Cam Emerson: five-foot-two quirky, nerdy and beautiful without even knowing it, sure can handle her own. Until she realized she wanted more from her room-mate than just to be his buddy, which led to her own insecurities of, will she be enough for Tyler.

My thoughts: Tyler was super dreamy from the beginning to end. He couldn’t have done any wrong in my eyes. How could he? From the way he appreciates and loves all of Cam, flaws and all. The way he handles situations that even pissed me off to no ends was admirable. As for Cam, I love her spunky personality and how she stands up for the people she loves and does everything in her power to ensure their happiness. One thing I could do without, is when she pissed me the f*ck off because she couldn’t get want she wanted and pretty much acted like a b*tch about it. Talk about control issues (oh.. she kinda reminds me of myself – HA)!

…but for shit’s sake, you can’t be angry for long. The way Staci wrote, she ropes you right back in to loving the characters because you find yourself walking in their shoes and relate even if you do not have personal experiences of the situations. If you like smiling, this is the book for you. You couldn’t wipe the smile off my face if you tried on this one!



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