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Me Before You

WOW, just simply WOW. I am a little late to the party on this book, but like they say… better late than never! I am so glad I finally decided to read it since it’s been sitting on my shelf for like forever! Honestly, my main motivation was – I need to read it before the damn movie comes out (which I am looking forward to, don’t get me wrong). However, I have always been bias when it comes down to books first then movies (can you blame me)?!

Me Before You, damn this book! I picked it up to read on a Sunday night and I was already exhausted from the week and the book was so beautifully written, it was unfair to continue to read it in my tired-sleepy state. As always, that thing I call  work (sure gets in the way)! I was so antsy to get my fill on Me Before You, I ended up attached to my earphones listening to it throughout the work day (thank heavens for audio), even on my way to pick up the kiddos (what… I don’t care how your day went today kids… tell me later). Got home with my earphones still intact, as soon as the kids were fed – game on; I pretty much planted my face in the book until the very last page.

Never thought I would be giggling and laughing inside my office like a mad woman, to find myself hours later doing my best to not let my tears destroy my book! Talk about dilemma! Can you imagine… trying to find the right position so your tears will not ruin your now belated- top-read without trying to miss a word on the page from the awkward position shift; all the while you can’t see a damn thing to begin with due to the blurry vision from the massive eye sweating?!

Keep in mind, it’s NOT a romance, it’s a fiction – do NOT confuse the two otherwise, you will not be a happy camper (maybe). What made this story devastatingly captivating was how real and raw the characters are to themselves and to the ones they love (whether it is good or bad). Of the way it was written to draw me in even though, that is not the way my main characters “should” be acting, feeling or thinking, but in actuality that it’s the most realistic way anyone would be if they were in the same situation. Of how it was unnatural for me to feel a certain way since it contradicts with my own belief, but I guess you really cannot deduce other’s actions or choices unless it’s your very own experience. This book truly took, “do not judge, until you walk a mile in their shoes,” to a whole new level.

What tore at me and is still ripping my heart out is how far will you go for the people you love? Do you go against the decision they have made for themselves because you truly believe that there are other options for them or do you support them no matter what your thoughts are and trust they know what is right for them? Do you try to influence them to deter the most important decision in their life, and when you do – how do you know if you truly believe that there are other alternatives for them or for your own selfish reasons? How, when or where do you even draw the line?

This story does not have a shocking ending; there are no twists and/or turns. It’s not even a read I will consider as a fast or steady-pace. However, it sucks you in so deep you just need to know (even though you already do). I guess it’s the hope we all have in us. This was one painfully heartbreaking read. Don’t say I did not warn you, this is not your fairy tale ending, but it’s the most real and honest ending possible in my heart. It’s the right ending for the person that it matters most to.

Writing this review is breaking my heart all over again. There are so many valuable lessons rooted in this story. To know your true you no matter what anyone may believe, to follow your passion, dreams and live your life the way you deem appropriate for yourself. To know every minute, of everyday is precious, to not take for granted what you have because you will never understand the true depths of what you will be missing until it’s taken away from you unexpectedly.

My final say: READ. THIS. F*CKING. BOOK.

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