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Bad For Business

Title: Bad For Business
Author: Ace Gray
Release Date: June 28th, 2016
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If you have read Strictly Business you are aware of how the author kinda left you hanging, yeah? HA! Bad For Business is definitely trouble! I wasn’t sure if I was angry, frightened, disgusted or turned on; maybe a little or a lot of all of the above? Does that make me twisted? If so, I have been called worse!

Kate – Let me reiterate my love for Kate being her strength in SB but at times even that gets a little too intense and I felt sorry for my… I mean her Nick (bite me). With BFB you see the softer side of Kate and usually I do not like to read about weak female characters, but since I fell for how strong she was in SB. BFB only brought out another side of Kate that we didn’t know about and will envelope fully.

Nick – Alpha as ever, and closed off but one thing stays true. You will love him for it because you will understand he truly believes he is protecting Kate. I guess I will forgive Nick for just about anything because of how much he loves Kate; I mean… that is the MOST important thing, right?

One thing holds true for this author. If you want a hot and steamy read, BRACE yourself because this author DOES NOT do subtle.

One word… VOLCANIC.


Welcome and enter at your own risk – I type wearing my emotions on my fingertips, so at times it may be inappropriate and offensive to the sensitive souls out there.. consider yourself warned! Please bear with me, if my site keeps changing on you.. I am still in the process of getting it up and running just perfectly for me (which means easier navigation for you). :) One book, one world, one life at a time…

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