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The Bourbon Thief

by: Tiffany Reisz

Release Date: June 28th, 2016
Publisher: Harlequin (US & Canada)
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It’s been awhile since I have read a book that I felt like I am a part of. I was so wrapped up in The Bourbon Thief from the beautiful, effortlessly flawless writing to its endless plot twists. I constantly found myself on the edge of my seat needing to know what this author will surprise me with next. Every time I dared to think it cannot get any better or any worse, the author doubled down on me with both.

This is like no other book I have read in a long time. It’s not my typical read and I love it so much more for that reason alone. I was completely drawn into this story, instead of inhaling it and flipping through the pages like a mad woman that I usually am; I ended up doing the exact opposite and savored each and every single word and moment.

The truth is like bourbon — it’ll burn going down.

This story started off with Cooper McQueen waking up from a night with the beautiful, mysterious woman, Paris and discovered she just stole his multi-million dollar bottle of Bourbon that she claims is rightfully hers and that she can prove it to Cooper once she reveals the true history behind this original bottle. Once Cooper agreed to hear her side of the story was when we are taken back in time with Cooper to Tamara Maddox’s POV in 1978.

A family with bourbon in its blood, and blood on its hands.

Once Tamara and Levi was introduced, it was pretty much game over for me. I was completely and utterly hooked to everything that was presented in this story. I couldn’t stop smiling and fell in love with their easy bantering, witty nature and the strong connection between Tamara and Levi.

The way the author had woven this story is ridiculously-impeccably remarkable. It showed the truth behind not judging anyone’s life from what you can see because you will not begin to understand what occurs behind each closed door.

Tamara Maddox, a spoiled rich girl that has it all but in reality is lacking the most important thing in life, unconditional love.

Levi Shelby, a poor stable “boy,” that has no future because of the life he was born into however had all the necessities in life; endless supportive family and absolute love from the people that matters the most.

Love what they destroyed. Destroy what they loved.

There was an insane amount of components in this story and I was extremely impressed with how the author pulled them all together without a glitch. What’s more incredible was I felt it all as if I was each character – the love, hate, lust, fear, anger, greed, and betrayal. I felt it all as if it was happening to me – it was amazingly insane! I lived and breathed these characters and what they went through; from clawing your way out of deception in search of who you could truly trust to who truly trusts you.

This is one of the most different read that I have laid my hands on this year so far and it was highly addictive like no other! If you are looking for something different with an incredible amount of substance in its story, The Bourbon Thief is the book for you! You will NOT be disappointed! Just know this is NOT a romance, but the core of it is about love amongst other emotions for sure.


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