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Deep Redemption

Title: Deep Redemption
Author: Tille Cole
Release Date: July 12th, 2016
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Deep Redemption, the 4th book in the Hades Hangmen series and it’s just as KICK-ASS as the first 3! Each book in this series has brought forth so many emotions within me. However, each book has brought forward one core emotion and for Deep Redemption – forgiveness.

This story takes you on a whirlwind of acceptance among many other emotions. Accepting the past for what it was. Understanding how decisions had impacted the present. Accommodating actions from that point on in hope that the future will hold what is most cherished.

Honestly, I am not sure how to write a review for Deep Redemption. There are so many things I want to say and how certain parts have turned me into a mad-woman but all those things are spoilers.

For my fellow Hades Hangmen Harlots, just know you will NOT be disappointed and it truly is a special story. Just as you loved, still love each unique story of our beloved Hangmen in the first 3 books, you will fall head over heels for this one as well.

For those that have yet to read this series, I have one question for you all…

WHAT THE FUCK is wrong with you?! My apologies, I meant… What the hell are you waiting for?! Please DO NOT make me send you to Hades without silver coins on your eyes! Yeah, bet you didn’t get that, know why — because you are a loser for not reading this series. I still love you though (maybe). I was late about starting it as well but let’s just say I read the first 3 books in 3 fucking days where I still had a full-time job and 2 rugrats at home to take care of… that’s a book per day! Can you say #teamnosleep? That’s how badass they were! I lived and breathed this series! Still living and breathing it.

On a serious note you guys, Hades Hangmen is by far my FAVORITE series of all time!! After Deep Redemption, I truly hope Tillie will keep introducing new characters in each book so she will never have to end the Hades Hangmen. With that being said… Tillie, I sure hope you are planning to give Smiler a story of his own. If not, please add book #9 to this series  😉


Welcome and enter at your own risk – I type wearing my emotions on my fingertips, so at times it may be inappropriate and offensive to the sensitive souls out there.. consider yourself warned! Please bear with me, if my site keeps changing on you.. I am still in the process of getting it up and running just perfectly for me (which means easier navigation for you). :) One book, one world, one life at a time…

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