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Title: Mistrust
Author: Margaret McHeyzer
Release Date: July 29th, 2016
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First off, I highly recommend this book to all teenagers as well as parents. This story is told through the eyes of a 16 year old, Dakota. It’s a subject that we constantly hear of and fear, but usually think to ourselves it cannot happen to us or to those that are close to us, until it does.

The way the author have written this book, there are moments where I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs for things to not happen a certain way but in the same breath I understand exactly why Dakota made the choices she made along with the choices of the people she trust opted to make. Even though it ripped my heart out, but I understand completely. It doesn’t mean I agreed, but sometimes it’s truly easy to say one thing but when placed in the same exact situation, you may not make the ‘sound’ decision you always thought you would have.

I was going through every emotion Dakota went through, from the torn feeling of not being able to see the light, to the sweet moments of feeling like there is hope. I do not consider this a heavy read even though it deals with a very real and very scary subject. I see this book written as more of alerting us to the threats lurking around us and remind us to be more aware of all things even if it seems minuscule.

After reading Mistrust, it got me thinking and I am still thinking… maybe I am thinking more because I have a daughter and it scares the shit out of me…

Mistrust covers it all from assault, bullying to sexual harassment. All these were mentioned and even though this story covers more on the coping of Dakota after that night, the above mentioned DID NOT feel like it was glossed over but added more substance to the story.

Again, I highly recommend this book to all teenagers and adults alike.


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