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Title: Ravage
Author: Tillie Cole
Release Date: August 16th, 2016
Publisher: St. Martin’s Press
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Ravage is the 3rd book in the Scarred Souls series and I have to say it’s my favorite one out of the three if I had to choose. This is a series that you will have to read in order. In my opinion, each book gets better!

Zoya, the heroine in this story is my favorite heroine in this series. She is fiercely loyal to all that she loves and brave as fuck! Valentin aka 194 is the hero in this story, and is it even possible for each character to be hurt more physically and mentally as each book progresses?! Ravage was like a double dosage of all the pain you know so well from Raze & Reap with an additional sprinkle of fucked to wrap it up nicely.

Ravage was harder to take in then the other two so make sure you READ it – LOL. You know a book is great when it tears your inside out, and Ravage does an awesome job of that! Besides, in Ravage you get a little more of Luka, Kisa, Talia and Zaal. How awesome is that? You know you miss them, because I know I did and that’s coming from me reading them back to back right before I dived into Ravage – HA!

As always, Tillie’s writing is flawless. From the fear to understanding, from the ruthless killer to a man fighting to retain his true self. GOSH, can this woman stop with her awesomeness? As mentioned before from previously reviews of this author’s writing, I will read anything this woman writes for sure! My other must read/one-click author that I have been lucky enough to personally meet this year!!! YAY ME!


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