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Vein of Love

Title: Vein of Love
Author: R. Scarlett
Release Date: August 16, 2016
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At first I thought I was hesitant in reading this genre because it will be my first paranormal read (yeah I did not fucking read Twilight so get off my back already), but I realized last night that it’s not. It will be my 2nd, and the first one I read was sooooo so bad (not by this author) that may have traumatized me in this genre – HA! With that being said, R. Scarlett just re-opened the gates for me in this PNR world and I LOVE that she did this because truly I am open to read anything and everything as long as there is a promise that the story will be a fantastic one.

Let me tell you this story is an incredible one. It did not receive all five stars only because of personal taste, in which I like a story that kicks off quickly and ends strong. Vein of Love had a tiny bit of a slow start for me but just a bit and the fact that I wanted to cunt-punch Molly a few times over her stupidity was driving me insane because I couldn’t. Imagine me laying there screaming ‘YOU STUPID BITCH,’ while my 4 y/o daughter is lying next to me telling me I am not to use a bad word! Yeah, I tend to forget anyone exists in this world once I enter my other realm, can you blame me?! With that being said… Molly is a lovable character, trust me. Her choices in this story was all due to fear and not knowing who she could trust – so I get it, I don’t agree but I get it (all this coming from someone that went in the book already knowing who the good and bad guys are – LOL).

Okay, now on to the yummy stuff. Tensley fucking Knight with a name like that and he was a total asshole that made me fall flat on my face for him. What can I say, I cannot resist an alpha male that takes what he wants when he wants and with little regards to anyone else. Not that his stubbornness didn’t lead me into wanting to throat-punch him a few times as well. Seems this book brought the violence out in me, eh? Go figure. Real emotions and reactions to words only mean the author did a fabulous job because I basically crawled into the book and lived it… and let’s not forget this book is this author’s debut novel!!!

Okay, back to the good stuff. Let me tell you how fucking hot this read is… throughout this entire book, there was no sex involved. AB-SO-FUCKING-LUTELY NO SEX whatsoever, yet the damn thing was burning the shit out of my kindle!! Now that is some crazy awesome writing right there Ms. Scarlett!! You better believe I need to get my hands on a copy of this so it can sit proudly on my shelf… oh yeah – let’s not forget the cover!! The cover itself is DEEEE-LISH!!!

If you need your cherry popped into the PNR world, let this be it!! Trust me!!



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