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Lost In Rewind

Title: Lost In Rewind (Audio Fools, Book 3)
Author: Tali Alexander
Release Date: 9/01/2016
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OMGOSH! This book just flipped my world upside down!

Lost in Rewind, GOODNESS GRACIOUS! What do I do with myself now? This book has rendered me speechless! I was very hesitant going in knowing this 3rd installment is about Jeffery, and let me tell you he was NOT my favorite person in this series. After Love in Rewind, I can scream at the top of my lungs that he is now officially my favorite man in this series! As a matter of fact, Jeffery has completely earned a spot on my list of book boyfriends!

From the beginning, this story was already breaking my heart and as I delved in deeper the tightening in my chest grew worse. If you want to feel everything, this author sure has a way to make you feel soooo much, possibly toooo much that you forget yourself. The proof is in my missing my turn while driving because my mind decided to analyze Jeffery and his side of the story. I found myself starting to question anything and everything and I don’t mean the story either.

This book truly grasps the concept of the many truths and it got me wondering why anyone makes the choices they make and the reason(s) behind it. Seriously this book completely changed my speed of judging others. Yeah, I am human… I can’t help but form opinions of others’ actions at times. But now I find myself backing up a step or two and remind myself they have their reasons whether I agree with it or not, it’s their reason(s) and truth(s). So basically my judging speed has decreased because of this book!! Hey don’t judge me that I judge others, it’s only natural and I don’t do it all the time and when I do you can thank Tali for writing this book because the speed has been dramatically reduced LOL!

Shit, seriously people! Lost in Rewind has got my head spinning in so many different ways. You will understand why once you read it.

To briefly explain since it’s a series:

Love in Rewind, 1st installment was a fairy-tale for us all.
Lies in Rewind, 2nd installment was of righting all your wrongs.
Lost in Rewind, 3rd and final book in this series is about finding your true self.

Love in Rewind truly broke me. My heart was aching from this story. All 3 books are of different couples and written that you can read as standalone. However, I highly recommend reading them in order. I feel this is the only way you can truly understand and appreciate them and value the stories as it deserves.


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