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In Ruins

Title: In Ruins
Author: Danielle Pearl
Release Date: October 4th, 2016
Publisher: Forever
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This is my first read by this author and I am anxiously waiting for book 2 from this series already. In Ruins was very well written and the dialogue and chemistry between these characters are all so very real to me. This is a YA and the author delivered the emotional aspect of it very well in my opinion. We have to all remember during that age we feel everything 1000 times more and the choices we make or our assumptions of situations would never align to generations before us as appropriate. What I loved even more is In Ruins showcased how even the adults can make terrible decisions and be just as selfish.

There were so many parts of it that I loved. I can’t even break it down the way I want because I don’t want to give anything away to take those first feels to readers, so I will try my best to express myself without what I feel could be close to a spoiler.

This book was written in alternate POVs and flip-flops from past (when their relationship started) to present day, which I felt was perfect because it gave me insights on why things were happening the way they were without misunderstanding the characters because I knew there was a lot more to their backstory to the one I currently knew.

The explosive chemistry between Carl and Tuck was a hazard that I found myself wanting to be burned by. They are both quick-tempered in the hottest way! These two definitely brings the heat in this story like no other. But the love they have for each other even when apart was incredible. I found myself rooting for them from the very beginning.

In Ruins, also included a vital message that we all can learn from as teenagers to adulthood and this was presented through their class project. I loved how the autho incorporated this message into this story and how it presented alternative ways to teach us on different approaches and instill this very important message within us all. In Ruins, also had a huge play in how death impacts the still grieving on different levels and trust can easily be broken.

To keep it simple – In Ruins was jammed packed with GOODNESS! You know this book reminds me and gave me all the feels Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire did. For all you Travis Maddox lovers out there, you will love Tucker Green just as much. Also, if you remember how so much happened in BD, well In Ruins delivered just as much. Don’t get me wrong, the two stories/plots are completely different. However, the feels of it all are very much the same for me. I am super excited and a bit anxious to read In Pieces, book 2 of this series! Not to mention back-tracking to see if there are more by this author!


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