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The Player

Title: The Player
Author: Claire Contreras
Release Date: October 10th, 2016
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I refused to go to sleep until I was reading the very last word of this book and what did I end up doing? I re-read the few last paragraphs just so I can tell myself this amazing book did not just end!

I am not one to jump on a sports romance and am so happy I decided to give this one a try because this was EVERYTHING! I went into The Player thinking it will be a light-hearted read but it wasn’t. It wasn’t dark or heavy but for some reason Warren (War) and Camila (Rocky) left this aching feeling in my heart throughout the book. I must be crazy or something because apparently I welcomed that ache in my chest because I couldn’t pull myself away from reading this book until their story wrapped up. I just knew in my heart they are it.

I cannot even pinpoint exactly what it is that made me love this book so much but I SERIOUSLY fell in love with it! Maybe it was EVERYTHING about it so there really isn’t a specific thing I can pick out to say that’s the reason. Oh wait, I lied! The determining factor of why my love for this book and now author is so fierce is because of this “ – and black pair of Adidas sandals with no socks. At least he wore no socks with them.” Yes, oh my fucking YES! I was never able to stand when guys wear slip-on sandals with socks. A major turn off of mine – and War did NOT disappoint! Seriously, if that alone does not get you to read this book than I seriously think you should stop following me on all social platforms… just keeping it real here.

Okay, if you don’t care to read a sports romance at all or have no interest in something like this… have you seen the cover? I actually know someone who pre-ordered it alone just because of the cover and I cannot blame her. As a matter of fact, she owns a little piece of my heart now for that decision alone!

Seriously guys… this book will not disappoint you! I cannot wait to get my hands on the physical copy. It would look way too damn yummy on my shelf and without a doubt smell even better! 😉


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