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Twisted Palace (The Royals, Book #3)

Title: Twisted Palace (The Royals series, Book #3)

Author: Erin Watt
Release Date: October 17th, 2016
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***PDL’s rating: 6 STARS (like WHOA)***

Not often do I rate every single book in a series 5 stars, let alone 6 stars. This includes my top series that I love and adore and not even then does each book rate the same. The Royal series just broke that glass ceiling. Both Paper Princess and Broken Prince received 6 stars, which got me really nervous with this series final book, Twisted Palace. Usually when I anticipate a book for so long or have high hopes my expectations are only semi met. I will be damned! The authors did a phenomenal job with Twisted Palace. Now that I read the last word of Twisted Palace I can officially let you all know all three books in the Royal series are 6 stars for me!!

Twisted Palace picked up right where that killer of a cliff hanger of Broken Prince left off with and boy oh boy did it royally deliver! It was jammed pack with drama and I don’t mean the kind of drama you steer clear of and not want to be a part of. It’s addictive and relentlessly pulls you into its twisted plot. It’s better than most suspense/mystery novels that are currently out there! Not one word was wasted – so much was happening so fast but was not glossed over to make it me feel like the story was being rushed at all.

Unfortunately, I can’t say much in my review for Twisted Palace to avoid spoiling it. Just know that if you are a fan of the first two, this third installment will not disappoint in the least. For those that have not read this series, seriously you need to get on it. It’s one of my top series and once you read it you will be in complete agreement.

Loyal rhymes with Royal for a reason and not only have I been Royally ruined, I have been Royally fucked since book one.

I would like to scream at the top of my lungs now that I NEED me…

MORE OF EASTON ROYAL PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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