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Jellicoe Road


Title: Jellicoe Road
Author: Melina Marchetta
Release Date: August 26th, 2008
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***6 PDL Stars (like WHOA)***

Okay, first thing is first – no matter how confused you are DO NOT re-read. I found myself re-reading the book from the start every time I hit around the 25 to 30% mark of this book because I was so confused and figured I missed something. Thank goodness for the lovely Nicole telling me to just keep going (which was right after my 3rd attempt of a re-read from the start, LOL). As many times as I re-read it, I could have totally finished the book twice, possibly 3 times over. Funny thing, I have absolutely NO REGRETS!

Jellicoe Road is an extremely unique YA (Young Adult) novel. Even though I was confused at first (nothing to do with the writing style) of course, because it was beautifully written! It was more because I was anxious for the story to reveal itself. Which is sad for me, because I missed just fully enjoying the story… slowly but charmingly unwrapping itself to its readers and this is the reason why I urge new readers to this story to not re-read but just keep going. The number one thing is to let the story take you on its journey and more importantly do not rush it and just sit back and appreciate where it will take you.

One thing for sure is that this YA just set the standard to all YA reads for me going forward whether it’s an older or newer release. That’s kind of scary because my expectation for this genre’s bar has been raised. It’s no longer the mentality of ‘well keep in mind it’s a YA novel,’ no, just simply no. I will no longer settle for that kind of thinking after this book. Jellicoe Road has proven YA can be great, that it can be more than appealing and capture anyone’s heart at its entirety at any reading age. That it can be limitless!

Jellicoe Road is everything – powerful, extraordinary and beautiful even when it’s tragic at times. My top YA of all times, I am just stunned I just read it now. Feel free to suggest to me any other YAs out there that will make me FEEL this much and I will welcome them with open arms. In my honest opinion, Jellicoe Road is a MUST READ!


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