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Title: DOLLAR$
Author: Pepper Winters
Release Date: November 18th, 2016
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***PDL’s Rating: 5 Stars (Loved)***


Man oh man… Pepper Winters truly does dark romance like no other. DOLLAR$ picked up right where PENNIE$ left off. I don’t know how many times I deleted what I have written so far for this review. I just don’t want to not only spoil DOLLAR$ for you, but I am not planning to spoil PENNIE$ for those that have not had a chance to read it yet but seriously I am not sure why you are all not hopping on this series just yet?!

The two most damaged people yet there is so much hope for both as individuals and as a couple (if that ever comes into play the way I want it to). Is it wrong how much I love when Elder speaks to Pim the way he does? I don’t mean the nice things he says to her (hmm… not sure if the word nice and Elder can be in the same sentence)? But more along the lines of what he demands from/of her, almost like he is speaking to an animal, yet instead of despising him I LOVE him for it. I mean if the hubby ever speaks to me that way – he better sleeping with one eye open – but Elder… I give him a million and one passes!

These two have the most complicated and painful past that they just have to/need to overcome and the question is will they be able to be at least semi-normal? DOLLAR$ wasn’t as crazy as PENNIE$ but it’s so very promising of what is yet to come in book 3-5. Especially the way Pepper Winters ends each installment. She doesn’t end them with cliffhangers by any means, but when she ends her books – it wraps up painfully beautiful. Oh so beautiful that you want to rip and shred the wrapping to reveal more of what’s to come.

‘PENNIE$’ was an EXPLOSION. (Read PENNIE$ Full Review)




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