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Balance (Balance Series, Book #1)


Title: Balance (Balance Series, Part #1)
Author: Janelle Stalder
Publisher: RED COAT PR
Release Date: November 29, 2016
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***PDL’s Rating: 4.5 Balance Stars (Really Liked)***

WOW – Balance – WOW!

I really, truly enjoyed this book. I am glad I started this genre. There are so many break-down of genres and sub-genres nowadays. I personally see this as a paranormal romance even though it was labeled as fantasy/sci-fi/romance in which it does fit in as well.

I pretty much read this book in one-sitting (minus my intermissions of having the flu and needing to tend to my flu-needs, like sleep – lol).

Balance is focused on good and evil and to be more precise, this story is spun around the Devil (Fallen Angels) himself. Don’t let this deter you for those that may find this religious or unreal or whatever you may or may not believe in. It’s nothing like that. While reading I found myself truly focused on good vs. evil with LOADS of romance for you romance lovers that get a spark from a little or a lot of action/suspense/mystery.

So this is what heaven feels like…
… I never thought I’d be allowed to feel it.
This story is written in alternate POVs which helps readers really feel and get to know each character and understand them and the best thing is you find yourself guessing their reactions to things that are happening or about to happen. That’s the part that really drew me into this story. I felt truly a part of it.

The characters – just whoa! I found myself falling so much in love with a few, despised a few, and completely on the fence with a few. That makes it extremely exciting for me that the way these characters are written gives me chills in good and bad ways. The extra kick is while reading I kept thinking… okay, I totally would watch the shit out of this as well!!

Good Vs. Evil:

Are we born as good or evil?
Are we taught to be good or evil?
Can we be born to be both?
Can we be taught to be both?
Can we be born as good and do bad things?
Can we be born evil and find goodness in us?

Realistically though, it cannot last. A bird cannot love a worm for long before it ends up eating it. It’s nature. If he destroys the girl, which he will, it will kill him.
And of course a book I extremely enjoyed will end in a cliff-like hanger. Not one where I found myself wanting to throw my kindle at someone or wanting to drown myself in anger but one where I placed my kindle down and truly said out loud, “WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!” Followed by my hopping onto Goodreads to see the 2nd book’s release date, lol.


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