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Possession (Avenue Ink Series, #1)


Possession (Avenue Ink Series, #1)
by: A.M. Johnson
Release Date: February 16, 2017 (early release 2/15)
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***PDL’s Rating: 6 ‘I AM’ Stars (like WHOA)***

I originally rated this as a 5 Stars (Loved) but as I was writing the review, I so much more than loved this book – this story took my breath away… so it’s more like a “like WHOA!”

Okay, I know it’s only February of this year but I was fortunate enough to already have read a handful of books that I am holding dear to my heart. Each one of them stirred a different part of me that made me fall in love with it for its very own reason.

Possession is truly a unique one for me personally; not in the sense that I have personal experience with the story but it impacted me in a very special way. I felt so much sorrow reading this book from the beginning to the end, yet at the same time I was overflowed with hope and love. Yes, this story raised many complicated emotions within me all at once. However, it cannot be described as a roller coaster ride, it’s slow and steady but strong feelings were evoked within me like you cannot believe! I cannot seem to get my thoughts together on this one to bring forth my love for the story the way it deserves!!

Okay, let’s get to the point – the writing is impeccable to say the least. The storyline is like no other (not for me anyway) and the characters were to die for! Declan has driven a knife through my heart and twisted it as he removed it – this may sound crazy, but I mean that in a good way. I never felt so emotionally run over as I did with Dex. I was in pain when he was hurting and both my stomach and heart were in knots for what he was going through.

The author managed to make me feel not only as I am part of the characters’ world but I was in their shoes. I am totally emotionally attached to Declan and Paige’s story like madness. I cannot get over it!!!

I am beyond thrilled that this is a series, because Dex’s family has become my family and family is life damnit!! I DEMAND YOU ALL to read this book. PLEASE read this book!! When you do, just know Dex is mine and so is Liam and Kieran for that matter – oh wait, I just called them my family, soooo… that’s kind of gross, huh? As you can see my love for this book and my emotionally confused state has taken on to a whole new level!!!


Welcome and enter at your own risk – I type wearing my emotions on my fingertips, so at times it may be inappropriate and offensive to the sensitive souls out there.. consider yourself warned! Please bear with me, if my site keeps changing on you.. I am still in the process of getting it up and running just perfectly for me (which means easier navigation for you). :) One book, one world, one life at a time…

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