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Switch (Landry Family, #3)


Switch (Landry Family, #3)
by: Adriana Locke
Release February 20, 2017 (early release 2/19)
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***PDL’s Rating: 5 ‘Grahammy’ Stars***

Do not judge me when I say that Graham has become my favorite of the Landry brothers. I was so sure my love for Linc will be a forever thing but Graham completely stomped all over that a little too quickly even for my liking – HA! I mean, I love them all, but Graham – oh my Graham! He had my heart skipping a few beats throughout his story.

For those that read Sway and Swing, you already know how stern Graham is out of all the brothers and it left us creating our own notions on what it is about him… I don’t like to brag but my thoughts were confirmed. Usually, when I am able to guess the story-line I tend to not enjoy the book as much, if at all. However, the author did an amazing job and I loved everything about it, from the writing down to the character building and it doesn’t hurt when I found myself already chuckling right from the start.

In Switch, we get the full-on of Graham and Mallory’s story but we also get loads of the other Landry boys as well and it pretty much makes me love them all over again and build my love up for Ford (the brother we hopefully will get to swoon over in the very near future). Their family bond is so heart-warming!!

What? I don’t give off the empathetic boss look?

Uh, no. you give off the asshole dictator look.

You will not understand why Graham is now my favorite Landry until you read Switch (I mean I feel like I am cheating on Linc for admitting this). I love Graham from the start of Switch but after a call he received and the way he handled it – I not only love him but ended up loving the fuck out of him. Yes, that hard – LOL. It just showed the type of man he is – and OH we all want that type of man in our life!

She came in here like the chorus of a song, blasting her way in my life and falling into my arms.

I fell in love twice in Switch, first with Graham and quickly thereafter with Mallory – she is a total kick-ass. I loved how she handled her own issues. I love her quick-wit and not let anyone step over her attitude. There were a few times I practically jumped off my sofa to cheer her on!! Like that overflowing toilet comment was the best comeback ever!! You will get a kick out of that scene, cause I sure did!

Although these books are standalones, I highly recommend to read them in order – otherwise you will miss out on a few ‘inside’ jokes that were written in Switch. It just gives it an extra punch if you have read Sway and Swing already.


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