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Damnable Grace, Hades Hangmen #5


Title: Damnable Grace, Hades Hangmen #5
Author: Tillie Cole
Release Date: April 17, 2017

***PDL’s Rating: 5 ‘Angel Eyes’ Punches (Loved)***

Shit, I am kind of speechless right now. Just when you think it cannot get worse… it totally fucking DOES!

Damnable Grace got to me on so many levels. I literally found myself cringing so many times as I was reading but I couldn’t stop. It was like passing by a horrific car accident and you know not to look but find yourself craning your neck to see but with your eyes closed of course – makes plenty of sense, right?! I know you get me – LOL.

As I went in I am fully aware that these two characters are broken, but clearly I underestimated the depths of it. You know when you read you are aware and anticipating what may be the underlying reason that could be the root cause of the characters self-destruction and hope that the author didn’t take you to that point and reveal something that you find yourself going… “That’s it?!” Well, let me tell you – whatever you may think, the author proves you wrong because she manages to make it a million times worse than your mind or heart may be able to handle.

Fuck – I have to say, in my honest opinion Damnable Grace may have gotten under my skin the most. From heart-warming to gut-wrenching, you will feel it all. As you think evil can only go so far, well you are wrong. The author succeeded in taking evil to a level you cannot wrap your head around. Your heartstrings will be tugged in so many different ways and believe me when I say your heart and soul will be wrapped up in every single word that is poured into this story even if you find yourself recoiling all the while absorbing each drop in hope there is light at the end.


Welcome and enter at your own risk – I type wearing my emotions on my fingertips, so at times it may be inappropriate and offensive to the sensitive souls out there.. consider yourself warned! Please bear with me, if my site keeps changing on you.. I am still in the process of getting it up and running just perfectly for me (which means easier navigation for you). :) One book, one world, one life at a time…

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