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The Kiss Quotient


Title: The Kiss Quotient
Author: Helen Hoang
Publisher: June 5, 2018
Genre: Romance
Released: June 5, 2018

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***PDL’s Rating:  Punches ( 4.5 Punches, Really Liked)***

The Kiss Quotient is a cute, sweet and steamy romance with a splash of quirkiness that you will fall hard for. It’s not your typical romance – it’s a refreshing read and exactly what I needed since I took a big break from reading this genre for quite some time for reasons unbeknownst.

If you are a romance reader, it’s a MUST READ and if you are not so much of a reader for this genre – I encourage you to give The Kiss Quotient a try. The characters alone will captivate your heart. Both characters are far from perfect but you will find yourself turning over completely to them.

It reminded me of Pretty Woman, with the gender-reversed and all the extra toppings – simply because the characters are so much more (not that I am belittling one of my favorite movies).

Overall, it’s categorized as a romance but I think the characters charmed me more than the romance itself and the cherry on top is the cultural background that are scattered throughout the book – maybe its personal bias because I am Vietnamese but it’s pretty amazing to be able to embrace whatever was given by the author as I was reading (very rare especially in this genre).

I am very excited for the next release. It’s definitely a feel-good read if you need a picker-upper.



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